Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Letters from my Girls

It’s that time of year again. My girls in Uganda have just begun their second year of Secondary School, and as you’ll read below, they are happy and grateful for this opportunity in their lives. I too am grateful for what they have done for me, and am constantly in awe of their selfless compassion. All these girls were abducted at a very young age by Joseph Kony’s  “Lord’s Resistance Army,” and  all of them escaped. They have little to no living family members, and are still the sweetest, most kind-hearted individuals I’ve ever met. The chance for them to go to school gives them hope for a better future, since the only alternative is to be married off in their villages. With school being so expensive, (Boarding school is roughly $1,000 a year!) it is rare that an average family living in poverty sends their girls to school, since the opportunity-if there is one, is usually only given to the boys.  The reason I chose to send them to boarding school is because for the first time in their lives, all they have to do there is focus on themselves, their studies, and their own well-being. Additionally, since they are all at school together, they have built a support system within each other; a community, a family.  Since I believe in being open and raw, I’m going to tell you that each semester we struggle to find the funding to meet their needs. In a world where you can’t trust so many charities and NGOs, I am telling you that you can trust us. I am the only middle woman, and 100% of the money we raise goes directly to the girl’s and their needs. I am in the process of creating a board, and registering as an NGO (let me know if you would like to be involved in any way), but until then, I’m calling on those of you who are willing and able to contribute any small donation. A little goes a long way, and anything-I mean anything would be deeply appreciated. Of course, if you decide you’d like to sponsor one girl’s education-that would be okay too. ;) It’s hard to ask for assistance, but I truly believe that if we all unite in whatever way we can, it is possible to move mountains… one girl at a time.

Thank you so much. Apwoyo Matek.

Love, Jenna

Below are the letters I just recently received from the girls. There are only four letters because at the time they were written, Melissa was in the hospital with pneumonia, and Joyce was sick with influenza.


Hi Aunt,
This is just to inform you and give thanks to you, and I want to tell you the school has begun well and its still going on well.
Secondly I would like to remind you that I am not felling so well and I want to give thanks for all what you have done in my life.
Now you have made my life easy to look like other people’s children, thank be to you and your family and the donors thirdly. I would like to tell you that my relative are proud seeing me at school. Thank you for putting me in school.
I want to tell you that I am missing you so much.
I don't have much to say only thank you to you my dear lovely aunt.
Greeting to family and others who have helped.

Oh my Aunti Hi
                I such a great blessing to me to have this opportunity to say the word of Hello to you. And Aunti I believe that you are find and the family at large.
                Now, I want also you to know that schooling is going on well and am so grateful because you have made me to look ahead that am so important and have a future.
                Aunti, you have made my grand mama very very happy and the family and Aunti you are now maber (good) to me because the love you have shown to me and my friends no one can tell.
                I now praise God to have a good control of you and your family.
                May God Bless you too. (LOVE BRENDA)
                Atimango Brenda Ruth

Letter to Jenna
Sarah says
                Auni I want to thank you for your work you have done for us at the beging of 2013
                Aunti we also miss you and also we are going to pray for you and your dad also we are going to pray for him so that he can also get quick recover and your family member. So we are very happy for your work done congratulations
                May God bless you and your family and the people helping us.
                From your lovely daughter SARAH AKII

Dear unti
I am so happy to share with you with you in this piece of paper. This just to greet you unty. How are you over there? Hope is okey. From my side is okey. Everything is going well. But unty we are missing you unty that is the only thing we are worry about unty. Bless you ad all your family and I too. Lastly be bless by God. By Grace Okema

From left to right: Olympia Joyce, Akii Sarah, Me, Apiyo Scovia, Limpe Grace, and in front: Atimango Brenda. Achiro Melissa not pictured.

Donations can be made via PayPal: dishywes@hotmail.com. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for considering helping in whatever way you can. One Love. -J

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